The Risk of Contracting AIDS from an Escort

The world has been classified into three genders, that is the male, female and also the transgender persons. To make ends meet, you will find a mix of them when it comes to being escorts. This is because of one thing, the money that comes from the sexual activities that they are going to offer. Each country has its laws when it comes to sex work and it varies from one nation to the other.

According to our study, we found out that in the global sphere, sex workers or escorts are likely to be infected with HIV/AIDs 13 times more than the people that are in the general population. People that practice sex for money make up to 9 percent of the total number of infections of HIV. If you go from region to region, you will find the number either more or less. Escorts are some of the people that are mostly affected by AIDS but at the same time, they are the best people that can be used to respond well to any HIV prevention programs out there.

Sex work can be partially lawful in some countries but the truth of the matter is that the law itself rarely protects them. This is because of the violence that they receive from their potential attackers. But the major risk that they face is the absence of use of condoms. I got one person at one point and this is what she said;-
“although we use condoms to protect ourselves, we are not allowed to carry them. that means that it becomes hard for us to get to protect ourselves.”
I realized that it is going to be powerless for someone to negotiate to having safer sex. This has even emanated from the fact that when you demand the use of a condom, the client you are with decides to pay for twice the price he gave you to allow him not use a condom. Money is sweet than sex itself, so how can one refuse that? That then becomes hard for women to resist because all they need at such a point is money not sex.

Those that involve themselves with drugs also have a higher risk of getting infected. In some countries, use of injections has spread HIV more than the sex act itself. But these are all things that can be controlled in one way or another. If you call for an escort, it is good to ensure that the two of you are protected. The best way is to play or have safe sex. If usage of injections will there, then each one should his or her own injection. Prevent AIDS so that you are able to get to enjoy safe sex.

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